Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prime Rib Fajitas

As seen in my earlier post, I made a 6 1/2 pound bone in prime rib for new years.  Now we did have some leftovers ( may have made too much) so I was thinking of a way to incorporate the meat into another dish and I thought fajitas! Now I wouldn't buy prime rib especially for fajitas, but if you've got it, use it.  First things first is to put a cast iron skillet in an oven and put the temperature to 450.

Next, cut up the veggies for this I used:

1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Red Onion

I just cut the veggies into strips and then put them in a bowl and tossed with a mixture of seasoned salt and garlic powder.  Toss the veggies to coat and put them in your heat skillet.  Once the peppers are in, turn the oven to broil to get a good sear on them.  Now we can cut up our meat.  Now you don't have to use prime rib, obviously any meat will do.  I do recommend that if you use a raw meat, that you put in it the heated skillet before the peppers.  Since I am using precooked meat, I only wanted to get a sear and basically heat up the meat to incorporate it with the peppers.

Once the peppers have been cooking for about 3 minutes, throw in your meat.  I chose to cube mine, because the quality of the meat was tender enough that I didn't worry about how I cut it.  If you are using a more bargain piece of meat say, for instance, a flank or skirt steak then I would cook it and cook it on the bias. Cutting on the bias will not "stack up" the muscle fibers of the meat and lead to a more tender cut of meat.  For prime rib, however, I had no concerns so I just cubed it to make it into nice bite size pieces.  

The oven is on broil, it is very important to pay close attention to it.  Don't walk away, sit down and watch TV, broilers can turn good food bad very quickly.  Just monitor it and you'll be fine.  Once the peppers have a good sear to them and the meat is well incorporated simply take the skillet out, with proper protection! I use welding gloves that I got from the Home Depot,  I prefer these because they allow me to use all my fingers instead of oven mits.  When you pull out the skillet it will be sizzling just like that other famous chain restaurant....  Serve with flour tortillas and cheese.


  1. I was a recipient of these fajitas and they were absolutely delicious.